Actress, singer, teacher, director

Born in Varese,Italy.

Resident in Berlin and Varese.




She began acting at the age of sixteen and at nineteen years old she is a member of the artistic direction of the theatre company “Teatro del Sale “of Varese as an actress and director.

Her training as an actress and singer began in 1982 in Milan at the School of Mimodramma with the master Kuniaki Ida.

In 1986  she graduated  from the School  of  Theatre  and  Commedia dell’Arte “Teatro Avogaria” of Venice,  directed  by Giovanni Poli. She has completed her theater studies with: Ingemar Lindht, (Sweden), Eugenio Barba (Denmark) and with various drama teachers in Italy, United Kingdom, Scandinavia and Germany.

From 2001 she studied acting with Lena Lessing (Berlin).She studied Roma and Balkan singing with Ida Kelarova, (UK and Czech Republic)                                                                                            classical singing  with Pina  Magri , (Rome), modern singing technique and interpretation with Mary Setrakyan (New York) and Jazz singing with Master Barry Harris, (New York)


She sang with :

Mario Reyes of the Gypsy King’s family , (France) Moni Ovadia (Italy) Francesco Lotoro and his Orchestra of concentration music, KZ Musik, Record Encyclopedia D=&id_pro dotto=

Marco Cappelli, (New York)

New York Gypsy All Stars , (New York)

Ida Kelarova, ( Slovakia and the Czech Republic

Milan Godla and Marian Balog of Romathan Theatre, ( Slovakia) AmbrogioSparagna,diatonicaccordionplayer,composerandethnomusicologist,( Italy) Ater Balleto directed by choreographer Mauro Bigonzetti ( Italy ).

Since 2004 she leads in Rome her Italian band “Officina Nomade”, collaborating with the actor and director                                         Moni Ovadia in concerts and artistic projects.

She has acted in theater under the direction of: Lena Lessing, (Berlin), Gianfranco De Bosio, Giancarlo Sbragia , Giorgio Forattini, Fabio Segatori and other Italian directors .

She starred in TV by:

2013 RAI 2 in the Italian broadcast of ” Kommissar Rex ”

2007 Rai2 in several episodes of the TV series ” Italia sul Due”