“NAPOLI A MODO MIO”  (Naples My Way)

Classic Neapolitan music.  Famous (and not so famous) ballads, up-tempo and comedic songs of Naples. Beautiful readings from “Napoli sul mare luccica” a book by Antonella Cilento, are intertwined throughout the evening.
A special moment in the show is a tribute to one of the last composers of Neapolitan Song, Fausto Cigliano with his song, Duorme, written in the ‘60s with Ennio Morricone.

Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Stoccarda




KZ MUSIK, encyclopedia of music composed in concentration camps. Director FRANCESCO LOTORO

CD20: Roma Sinti Music composed in concentration camps (1933 -1945)

Orchestra Director and Author of the Encyclopedia: Francesco Lotoro

“Merav Pal e Parochna”.  Female singer: Cristina Barzi

“I am dying because of my hair
all of it will be shaved
Do not cut my hair!
I am driven out into a concentration camp.
Oh God, what will I do
where will I lay my head?
I will lay it on a pillow,
my children are around me.”


“Traurige čerheni  ando učo nebo”. Female singer: Cristina Barzi

A sad star at high sky

I have no staying in my apartment.

They took me out of my own bed.

I had to leave my wife and the children.

A sad star in the high sky,

They took me out of my house

And then they took me to the camp

There I was burned to ashes